Sunday  March 4, 1990

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Lewis Hoskins: A warrior for peace


He fought for his beliefs by facing bombs, censure

LINCOLN CITY - Old warriors come in many stripes. Some of them shoulder ancient carbines and fire Veterans Day salutes down at the VFW post. Some pack their past away with their uniforms. Some try to come to grips with wars they never understood.

And some quietly cherished memories, but share them only if asked. It’s true even of old peace warriors.

At 74, Lewis Hoskins, a Quaker who was once a general in the forces of pacifism, has plenty of time now for amateur carpentry and dabbling in photography.


The Register-Guard

He can watch the Pacific lap the beach at the foot of the bluff below the old, cottage-sized house where he and his wife Louise, live.

And he can take stock.

There is much to review. Dodging bombs as a non-combatants in the horrific Chinese civil war that followed World War II.